Everything you need to know about hiring a nanny in Switzerland in easy to follow 8-steps
A proposal to scrap an immigration accord with the European Union is one of five issues on the next nationwide ballot in Switzerland.
Switzerland was added on Thursday to the growing list of countries from which travellers coming into the United Kingdom will need to quarantine.
The growing wolf population in Switzerland is at the centre of discussions about a reform of the country’s hunting law.
A new documentary explores whether Switzerland has what it takes to produce, finance and nurture the technology start-ups of the future.
Women across Switzerland have staged a mass screaming protest as part of demands for equal treatment and an end to violence at the hands of men.
You will no longer be fined for breaking the 2-meter social distancing rule. The Federal Council has decided the low rates of infection has removed the need of a fine. 
According to a new study, Switzerland is the safest country in the world when it comes to the coronavirus.
The study, produced by the non-profit Deep Knowledge Group, a consortium of companies and non-profit organisations.

Switzerland sits in first place with a score of 752, while Germany is in second place with 749 points.

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